5 Impactful Disabled Content Creators & Influencers 

Much like finding high-quality independent living products, finding disabled creators in mainstream media can be a tough task. Luckily, thanks to technology, social media platforms, and incredibly brilliant creators, disabled voices are steadily pushing into mainstream media.

We’ve highlighted five of these amazing content creators below! However, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a quick look at some creators you might enjoy on a few different platforms (yes, we included Tik Tok!).

So, without any further ado, here are some impactful disabled creators for you to include in your roster. The community is very supportive, so if you head to one, you will undoubtedly find more awesome creators in the same space. Let’s get started!


Jessica Kellgren-Fozard: YouTube

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard sitting in her living room and talking to the camera.


First on the list, we have YouTuber Jessica Kellgren-Fozard. Jessica lives with her wife Claudia and two dogs somewhere in England, and they have a baby on the way (at the time of writing). Jessica regularly makes educational videos on her (and other) disabilities, vlogs about her daily life, LGBTQ+ history, and has recently started a film analysis series where she can stretch her film study degree.

Jessica lives with many disabilities, including HNPP (Hereditary Neuropathy with liability to Pressure Palsies), Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, partial blindness, and deafness.

Her upbeat, witty, sarcastic, ever put-together commentary on her life experiences make for incredibly entertaining viewing. Not to mention, watching her and her wife build a life together is wholesome enough to warm even the coldest heart.

Aaron Philip: Instagram

screenshot from Aaron Philip’s Instagram profile, showing an image of her posing for the camera with comments next to the image


Next up is Aaron Philip, an Antiguan-American, transgender, and disabled creator with her eye on the prize. With her signature blond bangs and pouty look, Aaron has taken the fashion industry by storm and become the first black, transgender, and physically disabled model to sign with a major fashion agency.

After signing with Elite Model Management in 2018, Philip has ultimately set her sights on high-fashion runways. Her goal, as she puts it, is “normalising the presence of disabled people, women/femmes who are trans and gender nonconforming trans people, so that we can simply work, exist and be authentically valued in the high fashion industry and the world itself as a whole.”

As a creator and influencer on Instagram, she has over 190,000 followers and is steadily gaining. Watch this space; Aaron will soon be storming runways the world over!


Paige Layle: Tik Tok

Tik Toker and YouTuber Paige Layle sitting in her bedroom and talking to the camera.


Third on our list is Paige Layle, an autistic Tik Tok creator who uses her channel to discuss autism misconceptions, stereotypes, and daily life as someone on the spectrum. Despite the short format of her videos, Layle manages to create engaging, witty, and educational videos that are enriching Tik Tok’s disability space.

Her most recent Tik Tok video (as of this blog post) educates its viewers about the realities of autism, and how autistic people don’t fall on a line as more or less autistic. Rather, autism is a totally different neurotype to allistic people (i.e., not autistic), and everyone in that neurotype will experience symptoms that affect them differently.

If you’re looking for someone to brighten your between-the-rush moments, look no further than Paige. Her bright smile and informative take on Tik Tok content will have you grinning in no time. If you prefer long-form content, she’s also recently started her own YouTube channel!

Nicole Kelly & Sarah Tuberty: Podcasting

Nicole Kelly and Sarah Tuberty standing back to back, doing a superhero pose toward the camera

disarming /dɪsˈɑːmɪŋ/ adjective (of manner or behaviour) having the effect of allaying suspicion or hostility, especially through charm.

For those days where you need to give your eyes a break, the girls at ‘Disarming Disability’ are here to help. Both missing pieces of their arms, Nicole and Sarah decided to create the podcast back in 2019 as a play on their podcast’s mission (and their disability). Nicole, a former beauty Queen and current Disability Speaker, teamed up with Kelly, an Occupational Therapist, are a bright spot in the podcasting world. Offering in-depth, candid, and deeply entertaining deep dives into disability topics all over the spectrum.

Their mission is ultimately to “powerfully deconstruct disability through candid conversations with experts exploring topics related to disability”. In other words, to look at these topics head-on, all while being very, very charming.

From Disability and the Arts to Sex and Disability, each of their series is aimed at learning and educating in equal measure. As we listen along, each one offers their unique take based on their experiences, further enriching what feels like a call with some close friends.

Dylan Alcott: Instagram & Food World Conqueror

A screenshot of Dylan Alcott in Able Foods’ introductory video.

Finally, we have an Australian Paralympian with dreams of food world domination on the brain… Dylan Alcott. Wheelchair basketballer, tennis player, motivational speaker, and now company founder, Alcott’s pretty much done it all. He’s been paraplegic since he was very young as a result of a spinal tumour removal, and since then he’s put his all into becoming the Australian sports world’s resident tennis bad boy.

As a creator, Dylan regularly posts about life with his partner Chantelle Otten (a published Australian sexologist) and their adorable Dachshund Sauce. Thanks to his strong media presence and successful sporting career, Alcott has brought his perspective on athleticism and life as a quadriplegic into the limelight. In fact, he took it one step further and founded a company!

Able Foods is an Australian-based company partnered with the NDIS, offering a huge range of delicious ready-made meals designed specifically for people with disabilities. Able Foods makes it simple and affordable for anyone in Australia with a disability to access healthy food that caters to their needs. Even as he continues to maintain his company, Alcott regularly pushes out content on his podcast (Listenable Podcast), as well as advocating for disabled visibility through the Dylan Alcott Foundation. He truly does it all.

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