Proud Supporters of NDIS

Independently You is a proud registered provider of the NDIS scheme and all our products are covered under this organization. As a provider, we fall under the Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety category and our products can be used under the participants consumables portion.

We have a great range of products predominantly focused around people suffering with incontinence, helping to make their day to day lives easier with helpful products. Our products are made with the intention of keeping our customers dry, comfortable and dignified.

Buying Through NDIS

As a registered provider we support all plan types whether they be self-managed, plan managed or agency managed. We have a variety of different ways you can order through us including via phone, email or online to make your life easier. For more information on how to order through Independently You, you can click the button below.

Our Products

Our Products

Waterproof Bedding

Our range of waterproof bedding is perfect for those who suffer from night time incontinence. Our Brolly Sheet Bed Pad with Wings and Bed Pad Without Wings ensure you are dry at night whilst feeling comfortable and protected from accidents. Made of 100% cotton and fully absorbent, our bed pads come in a variety of colours to suit everyone. Our bedding range also stretches from mattress protectors, pillow protectors, duvet protectors and waterproof sheets which help protect your bed against stains, dampness and accidents during the night.

Waterproof Clothing

We have a large range of waterproof clothing protection to suit each need. Our extensive range of bibs are perfect for both adults and youth, keep the wearer dry and protected during feeding time. Our bandanas offer a stylish alternative for those who would rather not wear a bib either out in public or during meal times. We also have a range of underwear and diapers for those who suffer from mild or moderate incontinence. Keep yourself dry and dignified with our washable, reusable and waterproof collection of clothing.

Car & Chair Protection

Our waterproof car seat and chair protection are fully washable and absorbent. Our range is perfect for those who suffer from incontinence and have small leaks. Our chair pads and large seat protectors are double-sided and are made of soft comfortable material. Protect your furniture and maintain dignity with this waterproof collection.