What Is The NDIS? 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS for short is a way of supporting Australian who are living with significant or permanent disabilities. 

The NDIS gives participants a greater opportunity to build skills, get access to in-home care services, and purchase helpful products. The NDIS aims to support participants meet goals and encourages participation within the community. 

For more information on the NDIS click here.

How To Buy Products Through NDIS & Independently You 

Independently You as part of the Brolly Sheets brand is a registered NDIS provider. We support all three types of plans NDIA Manged, Plan Managed and Self- Managed. The process for ordering and paying through Independently You varies based on the type of plan you are on. 

For more details on the specific type of plans and how to order click here.

What Products Do Independently You Provide For NDIS Participants? 

All our products are covered under the NDIS scheme. As a provider we fall under the Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety category and our products can be used under the participants consumables portion. 

We have a great range of products mainly focused around incontinence. Our products are made with the intention of keeping our customers dry and dignified. 

Waterproof Bedding

Our range of Brolly Sheets and Bed Pads are perfect for those who suffer from night time incontinence. With a range of great colours and prints our bedding is suitable for all ages. Customers find themselves saving a heap of time and effort on washing as our Brolly Sheet absorbs up to 2 liters and makes changing a wet bed a breeze.

We also offer doona protectors, mattress protectors and pillow protectors. These products come in different sizes or styles meaning there is something for everyone. 


Waterproof Clothing

We offer a range of bandanas, bibs, diapers and underwear. Our waterproof bandanas are a great practical yet stylish solution for those who have trouble during meal time. Our bibs are generous in size and may be a more appropriate solution for those who need more coverage and protection. 

We offer a range of absorbent underwear, our waterproof boxer shorts are popular with both children and men. Our waterproof boxer shorts are 100 percent cotton and come with a removable washable pad. The beauty of this product is that they look just like regular boxers. They are perfect if the wearer wants something that is absorbant but also something stylish and discreet. 


Car and Chair Protection 

The obvious areas for protection of incontinence are bedding and clothing, however car and chair protection is often overlooked. We offer a range of small and large chair/car seat protectors. These protectors are double sided and are made of soft suede that is comfortable to sit on. Our seat protection is fully waterproof and absorbent meaning they capture both small and big leaks. 

Whether your simply sitting on the couch reading a book or going in the car for a long road trip. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your furniture is protected from any accidents. Our seat protection comes in different colours ranging from lighter colours like beige to darker colours like black.