We are passionate about everyone having a dry and dignified life. 

We’re the first to admit it: we love our Brolly Sheets! There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction in knowing that your bedding stays dry, no matter what surprises life throws at you. But it wasn’t always that way.

I designed the first Brolly Sheet when our child Mia was sleeping in a bottom bunk.  Every time I had to change her wet bed, I would hit my head on the top bunk. There had to be a better way to change a wet bed at 2 am.

So I made what was to become a Brolly Sheet and started selling them at local markets. The markets were a great way to talk to people about what they needed and we started getting questions asking if they were absorbent enough for a teenager, an elderly mother etc.  It quickly became apparent that we needed to make our Brolly Sheets work for both children and adults, so went back to the design table and created an even more absorbent bed pad.

Then came Independently You

The more parents and carers I talked to, the more I realised; one - what amazing people are out there and two; there are not a lot of products that look great, work well and are affordable.  So we set out to change this. 

We designed a waterproof flat sheet (using cotton jersey) after talking to a Mum who was saying how much washing of the upper layers she did for her 20 year old son.  This family became the testers for several versions of sheets until we got one soft and quiet enough to work.

Then it was a Mum of an 18 year old who understandably wouldn't wear a baby bib.   So the waterproof, absorbent bandana was next.

Then Marley's Mum said "Why isn't there more "youth products".  Marley is too big for baby products but too small for adult.  So now we are starting to bring in more youth sizes. 

By now the range of products for those with additional needs were growing so we decided to split out a separate brand away from potty training.  This brand is where we can showcase new products we are designing, plus add other brands that may help makes lives a little easier.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for new products, email me and lets talk - diane@BrollySheets.com