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Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings

Thank you so much, my order arrived today and they are exactly what I was after. Just to let you know I am using them on a hospital bed at home, known as a community bed, and should anyone else enquire as to whether they are suitable, they are perfect. Will spread the word. Again thank you for being so prompt in sending them and for such kindness over the phone. Yours sincerely,


Hi everyone.  I just wanted to say, I got the Bed Pads with wings today and they are amazing, really good service. We are really impressed with your service. Thank you very much.


Hi there. We received our order today - they're awesome! I love the colour and design and so does the proud recipient of the Brolly Sheets Bed Pad with wings. Thank you.


Hi! I received my Brolly Sheets Bed Pad with wings today, they're amazing. Thanks so much, I've been looking for something affordable to tackle my disabled son's exploding nappies and my 2am (and 3am and 4am) bed changes. I'm looking forward to having these! So thank you so much, I'm so pleased I came across your site.


I started using my Brolly Sheets Bed Pad with wings on Sunday night, and just wanted to write and say THANK YOU!!! They are absolutely fantastic and have saved us so much sleep and my son absolutely loves them! Such a fantastic idea!


Hi just received my order for the Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings. When I saw them on the website i thought they look quite good but now holding them in my hot lil hand, omg they are just perfect in every way, the thickness, the size, the colours, not what I was expecting but even 10 times better, so well done to you all for a fantastic product, I will for sure tell all my friends and family. Thank you very much not just for the fantastic products but for the quick response.


I just wanted to say thanks for my three Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings. They are gorgeous!! They feel as luxurious as they look and they look spectacular. The quality is beyond my expectation and the other protector I had previously will never see the light of day again. I've told everyone who is willing to listen to me about them. Thank you too for such a quick delivery. Also beyond my expectations. I will leave your flyers at my sons’ day care. I like to share a good thing when I come across it. Congratulations for such a great product.



Just wanted to say what a great product you have! I have 3 little girls, one is 5 and has special needs and isn't consistently night trained. I previously used kylie's and conni bed pads and plastic sheets and they are not comfy by any stretch of the imagination. At first I thought that something so soft and lightweight as the Bed Pad with wings couldn't possibly work, but it has been a life saver!  My little girls all now sleep with them on their beds (and I use them for friends kids that stay the night and they have no idea lol) and we take them on holidays too. Before I used to have to change the bed pad, the bottom sheet and often the underlay as well, now the Bed Pad with wings catches everything and it washes and dries so quickly it is ready back on the bed for the next night in no time. Thanks for such a brilliant product!



The Bed Pads with wings are very good and ideal for my husband who has alzheimer’s disease and is doubly incontinent. Previously I have laboured with smaller sheets/pads under which I have had to pin a waterproof sheet.



My name is Anna, in December last year I received 3 of your products for my special needs son (12).

If anyone can test your products, he can, for years I've made his bed every day, 3 loads of washing each day no matter what I tried; plastic sheets, kylies, you name it. His wee would go both up and downwards so every morning I dreaded what I'd find. Even though he wears a nappy and a pull-up each night with the amount he drinks daily still the bed is soaked each morning. Anyway, I reckon we've really tested your Bed Pads with wings and the waterproof top sheet and can highly recommend them both. Now it’s down to only one load of washing most days and usually the top sheet miraculously stays dry so it’s just a matter of changing the Bed Pads with wings!

Thank you so much for giving us these items, this truly has changed my life! As for me, I'll be recommending your products to everyone who so much as mentions bed wetting to me! Thanks again.



I have been using the Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings for approx 6 months now. They are wearing very well and after this time are showing no signs of the fabric discolouring or piling (as the others used before did). They protect the bed well and even when they are very wet in the morning the sheets underneath are well protected. I have found these products to be of superior quality to those I had purchased before and they are cheaper in price and easier to access. I would have no problem in recommending the Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings to anyone else who is dealing with continence issues.  Thanks,



Love my Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings and so does my daughter because, in her words “they’re not crunchy”. Cheers,



Thank you so very much for the speedy and considerate service! These are actually for my husband who suffered a major debilitating stroke 11 months ago. They will make one job a whole lot easier - as so last night! Kind regards



Thanks so much - we received the Bed Pad with wings while on holidays and it saved so much washing! Really appreciated the quick delivery too. We wish we'd discovered the Bed Pad with wings earlier! Please feel free to use this as a reference  - I'm a convert. Cheers,



Hi Diane

We have been using the Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings every night since they arrived. They have been fabulous, they save soooooooooooooooooooooo much time on washing. And when Kayla wakes up dry in the morning she is all smiles. Thanks very very much



Hi Diane

Just wanted to give you some feedback and advise that I received my order yesterday morning, which was well in advance of my expectations. Fantastic service, thank you. We used both last night and it was so much easier than stripping the entire bed! Cheers



The sheet works a treat! I have been searching for many years for exactly this!  My son loves it too - it doesn't even look like a "kylie" and best of all, it’s very affordable! I am saving up to get another one soon.  thank you, thank you, thank you I am so grateful I found you!


The Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings are fantastic. I have a child with special needs and have found in the past that the protectors I use feel like plastic and are very hard to dry during the winter. I have recommended them to everyone at my sons’ school as I know other parents of special needs children have the same problems. Thank you.



Diane, I got the Brolly Sheets Bed Pad with wings and I just wanted to let you know that they are GREAT! I have already used them and saved myself loads of extra washing, time and my sanity!!.  Thanks.



Hi there, I recently purchased 2 Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings for my son, one white and one blue. They are a great product and have been fantastic. I wish I'd known about these years ago. The saving on washing is huge! Cheers for the great product. 



Hi, I have recently bought 2 Bed Pads with wings for my 7 year old and they are wonderful. They protect the bed but we especially love the cotton softness of the sheet and my 7 year does not get as hot as he used to when using a PVC backed sheet. I am an occupational therapist and work with clients who have physical disabilities and so have just passed on the info to all my colleagues for use with clients where necessary as I think you have fantastic product which is also competitively priced. Thanks so much. 


Thanks once again for such a quick turnaround with my order - the Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings just arrived. They are lovely – very good quality and they feel very nice. Regards,


I just wanted to let you know that I’m so thrilled with the Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings that I ordered. The 3 Bed Pads with wings have already been washed a couple of times since they arrived 4 days ago. They are a great design, love the colours and they wash and dry so easily. I wish I’d bought them a couple of years ago, it would have saved me so much washing! Many thanks.


Have received the sheets, they are FANTASTIC. I am so pleased that I got the three as the cold weather is making for lots of bed wetting!!!!. You have a truly great product and have told heaps of people about them.



Thanking you for your fantastic products. The Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings are excellent and a few of my friends are using them now also and think the same.



I picked the sheets up from the post office today, thank you so much for filling my order so promptly and the sheets are fantastic. I put one on my daughters bed tonight and when she got in she said, “mmmm mummy this is so comfy” Thanks again.



Thank you for an outstanding product. Every parent needs at least 1 Brolly Sheet Bed Pad with wings.


Thank you very very much for such fantastic communication and speedy delivery. I received my order today after only placing the order last Thursday. I will gratefully hand out the flyers to my mothers group, I’m sure they will also like them. Keep up the great service and gorgeous products. Thanks again.


I just wanted to let you know that we received the wonderful Brolly Sheets Bed Pad with wings and they are working great – will pass the word along to anyone I meet and thanks very much for your help etc. Take care and good luck with your great product, Regards.


Brolly Sheets Bed Pads with wings are just brilliant and so much easier to change in the middle of the night rather than strip the whole bed - I would recommend having two.