As parents embark on the journey of potty training their toddlers, they are often looking for a solution for the transition from nappies to undies. Among the choices, day and night training pants stand out as essentials, tailored to meet different needs. Understanding the distinctions between these two types of training pants can greatly facilitate the potty training process and ensure comfort for both parent and child.

Remember, cloth pants will never hold the amount of wee as the crystals do in a disposable nappy and will not replace a full, soaking nappy. On the flip side, they allow children to feel wetness, teaching them the signals to go to the toilet.

Brolly Sheets has designed their own range of day and night pants under the Snazzi Pants brand. They are made from breathable organic cotton and a small amount of elastane to help with a comfortable fit. The material allows airflow, preventing discomfort and irritation, especially during active play. Moreover, our training pants are designed to be easily pulled up and down, enabling toddlers to practice independent dressing and undressing skills—a crucial aspect of their overall development. Check out the composition when buying pants: if just 100% cotton, they start to get saggy after washing. If they have elastane, they keep their shape.

Day Training Pants

Daytime training pants are designed to provide toddlers with the freedom and flexibility to explore their newfound independence during waking hours. These pants typically prioritise ease of use, comfort, and absorbency to handle frequent accidents that are common during the initial stages of potty training. They often resemble regular underwear, featuring elastic waistbands and leg openings for a snug yet comfortable fit.

Our Snazzi Pants Day Trainers are not gender specific. Potty training often starts around 2 – 3 years of age. For kids this age, the way we design our waterproof layer means the absorbency is in the right place for both boys and girls. We also designed them in a variety of patterns and colours, catering to children's preferences and encouraging their participation in the potty training process. The primary function of daytime training pants is to absorb small leaks and accidents; ours hold about 120mls. This offers toddlers (but also you!) a sense of security as they transition from diapers to underwear.  

Night Training Pants

Night toilet training generally happens a couple of years after day potty training. This means a different fit and design to provide maximum coverage and protection throughout the night. Our Snazzi Pants Night Trainers are gender-specific shapes, so we can ensure maximum absorbency is in the right place. They are also more absorbent than our day trainers - 180mls vs 120ml - and have a pocket where an extra booster pad can be added.


We also designed our Snazzi Pants Night Trainers to have a much larger sizing guide so they can be used by kids up to 12 years old. But they also look and feel just like regular undies and are in patterns and colours your kids will want to wear, so you'll never have to worry about anyone feeling embarrassed or ashamed at sleepovers or camp.


The Key Differences between night and day training pants:

·        Absorbency levels.

·        Cut and shape.  Gender-specific for night pants

·        Bigger size range



While daytime and nighttime training pants serve distinct purposes, it's important to note that they both play integral roles in your child’s toilet training journey. Both foster a sense of independence and confidence as they master the art of being dry. is a registered NDIS provider.

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