Incontinence is stressful and draining to deal with, especially at home, where we should feel most comfortable and relaxed. In this blog post, we outline some of the best products for managing incontinence at home.

From bedding to chair covers, Independently You has a range of continence products designed to make managing incontinence at home simple and stress-free. Learn about them below!


Brolly Sheets Bed Pad

These fantastic bed pads make it so much easier to relax at night, knowing that there’ll be no need to strip your bed in the middle of the night—even if something goes wrong!

Bed pads are placed on top of the bottom sheet. If you move around a lot during your sleep, we recommend the Brolly Sheets Bed Pad, designed with handy wings to tuck under your mattress, unlike the standard bed pads. This gives you that extra level of security and confidence to sleep through the night. The breathable and waterproof bed pad is soft, designed for you to sleep directly on top of it. If an accident happens in the middle of the night, there’s no need to stress; Brolly Sheets Bed Pads can hold up to 2 litres. It’s just a simple switch of the pad and you’re back to sleep! They come in a range of colours and sizes so you can find the perfect one for you. These nifty pads will save you time, money, and—most importantly—your sanity!


Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector

Even when using a bed pad, it still pays to be extra protective of your mattress to stop yourself from having to worry later. A quilted waterproof mattress protector will ensure that you’re getting the most life out of your mattress. This handy product will catch anything that tries to make its way through your bedding, keeping it fresh, dry, and stainless.

We have quilted mattress protectors that will fit perfectly around your mattress, for any bed from a single to a super king! They’re super absorbent, with waterproof backing, stopping any mould and bacteria from breeding inside your mattress. If you’ve woken up to an accident that’s made its way to your mattress, just throw it in the washer and dryer and it’s ready to go again!


Waterproof Sheets & Doona Protectors

Using a waterproof fitted and flat sheet will make life easier for anyone wetting the bed regularly. A waterproof fitted sheet will provide extra protection for your mattress and the flat sheet will keep all your top layers nice and dry. Unlike most waterproof sheets, our bedding doesn’t make any crunching noises. It’s just a comfortable sheet like no other; you wouldn’t even realise they’re waterproof.

A doona protector is perfect for anybody with continence issues that may not use a top sheet or find themselves constantly washing their doona inner. If you happen to wet your bed during the night, the doona protector will keep your upper bedding dry, while being breathable and comfortable to sleep beneath. With a fitted sheet, top sheet, and/or doona cover, you can go to sleep relaxed and confident that if things go wrong, there’s no stress, just a switch of bedding.


Waterproof Seat Protector

Managing incontinence at home isn’t reserved for bedtime. Any part of your day can be disrupted. You may even have had to scrub your couch before, which can feel embarrassing. With waterproof seat protectors, you can laze around your house without worrying about any accidents or deal with any stains or smells on your couch or chairs. With two size options available and a bunch of fabulous colours and designs, your chairs, seats, couches, and everything in between will stay dry and protected.

The best part, by far, is that our incontinence seat pads are comfortable. Unlike the uncomfortable and sticky vinyl options on the market, our protectors are comfortable thanks to their soft faux suede cover. An absorbent inner layer absorbs your accidents, and the underlying waterproof barrier keeps your seats protected. If you run into an accident, throw the protector in the wash and forget about it! They’re an absolute must-have for managing incontinence at home.


Manage Incontinence With Independently You

Incontinence is a normal part of life for millions and we’ve set out to give confidence to those who may be struggling to manage it. We offer everything from bed pads for the elderly to disposable nappies for managing any on-the-go accidents. If you need products, advice, or any other incontinence management tools, we’ve got everything you need to be confident and Independently You. is a registered NDIS provider.

We are proud to announce, as a registered NDIS Continence Aids Provider, that our incontinence products can accessed through the Consumables budget in your NDIS plan.

You can place an order (GST Free) on our website,; via telephone (1800 809 847) or via email to

Our range of incontinence products include absorbent underwear, waterproof; bedding, lift chair and regular chair protection, bibs and bandanas.

For more information on the NDIS and whether you or your loved one may be eligible for support please visit the Federal Governments NDIS Website



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