Being out and about in the world can be difficult when you’re dealing with incontinence, but you’re not alone—there’s a whole range of products that can help bring you some extra comfort, and more importantly, confidence! The peace of mind that you’ve got some continence aids in your bag or car can greatly support you if an accident arises.


Waterproof Seat Protector

Waterproof seat protectors are exactly what they sound like, they work as urine absorbent mats for adults. They’re perfect in the house, but if you haven’t got one in the car, that’s where you need to start. These incredible little protectors can also sit nicely on the seat of the car; just pull it a couple inches up the backrest until you can comfortably get your seatbelt on!

The best part is, unlike other waterproof protectors, there’s no crunchy sound or feeling when you sit on it. The design is modern and comfortable, just a soft faux suede cover, while the absorbent inner and waterproof barrier work together to keep the car seat dry.


Texi Disposable Diapers

Texi Disposable Diapers are our brand of adult diapers. With every carton sold, we plant a tree to help combat the environmental impact of disposables, and 30% of product is made from sustainable wood pulp. Unfortunately, washable and reusable products aren’t as convenient for adults who are trying to manage heavy incontinence, especially when on the go and needing to change quickly.

Texi’s are designed to be easily removed with tear away panels. If an accident occurs while you’re out and about, just find a restroom, rip them off and grab a new pair from your bag.

Available as a subscription, so you don’t need to worry about running out, Texi nappies are designed for the comfort of the wearer and to fit their lifestyle, adding an extra layer of comfort and confidence. Just keep a pack in your bag or your car, and you’re good to go! Don’t worry about sizing either, we’ve got free samples available to help figure that out!


Absorbent Cotton Underwear

Security and comfort come together with our absorbent cotton underwear—available both for men and women—with an inner pad that can absorb 350ml over 4 hours. These feel comfortable and are much less noticeable, making it easier to take your mind off the fact you’re wearing them and go out and live life to its fullest.

They’re designed to be as similar to regular underwear as possible to give wearers the confidence that nobody will notice them, but also offer an extra layer of protection for that extra piece of mind. Nobody should feel shamed for continence issues. They’re more common than most think, with more than 5 million Australians living with some form of incontinence. Absorbent cotton underwear is an ideal and environmentally conscious way to not only manage your incontinence, but turn it into confidence.


Waterproof Overpants

Already a fan of our Texi disposables, but looking for a little bit of extra protection? Waterproof overpants are washable and are designed to last. They’re easy to wipe off and wash, serving as some extra reassurance when out of the home, for those who experience bladder leakage.

Designed to be worn over disposable diapers or our absorbent cotton underwear, they feature waterproof nylon woven with PU coating fabric, helping keep your clothing dry and protected. Overpants are gentle and comfortable to wear to bring confidence and dignity to those who deal with incontinence. If you feel that your incontinence is restricting your quality of life, this is certainly a product to look into.


Find the Confidence to be Independently You When You’re Out in the World

Don’t let incontinence hold you back. Independently You are here to bring the products you need to navigate the world with ease. Whether you’re interested in grabbing a couple of waterproof seat covers for around the house and in the car, or you’re just after some more advice and support for living with incontinence, you can find everything you need to manage incontinence here at Independently You. is a registered NDIS provider.

We are proud to announce, as a registered NDIS Continence Aids Provider, that our incontinence products can accessed through the Consumables budget in your NDIS plan.

You can place an order (GST Free) on our website,; via telephone (1800 809 847) or via email to

Our range of incontinence products include absorbent underwear, waterproof; bedding, lift chair and regular chair protection, bibs and bandanas.

For more information on the NDIS and whether you or your loved one may be eligible for support please visit the Federal Government’s NDIS Website



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Australia: 1800 809 847

About the author : Glenn Hawes.  Glenn has been the Brolly Sheets sales and service champion for NDIS participants, since Brolly Sheets became a registered provider in May 2017.  Representing the company's website, in addition to taking telephone orders, Glenn also exhibits the brand at various trade shows across Australia.  Glenn can be reached on the telephone at 1800 809 847 or via email