The holiday season can be a very hard time of the year when you have a disability.

Summer is all about getting together, going to the beach, having picnics, and exploring the world. And a lot of those places are not accessible for those who have a disability

Having a disability can be isolating because not everyone understands how to adapt activities to make sure everyone is included. The challenges that come with battling a chronic illness or disability are enough to get a person down. Being left out can be hurtful at times, there's nothing worse knowing that somewhere nearby people are getting together, laughing, having fun and you have not been included due to inaccessibility.

The wonderful thing is that it easier than one would think to support someone with a disability these summer holidays. Help them be involved and feeling like they belong.

Here are some things you can do to help them be and feel included:

  • Arrange activities that are at a location that they can attend. More and more parks and beaches are becoming accessible. Pick one that they are access. Don’t forget to think about Shade and where the closest accessible toilet is.
  • Check in on them when you are on holiday
  • If they are stuck inside for long periods of time and you are away – organise your friends to send them old fashion in the letter box mail. Giving them a wee surprise will help break up their day and put a smile on their face.
  • Organise a movie night or a shopping morning. Activities do not all have to be in the sun.
  • Check in with them regularly. A phone call or a video call for a few minutes can mean the world to you when you are stuck and can’t get out and about.  
  • It doesn’t have to be a big, organised activity. How about just organising a drive to a different part of town. Sitting in the car and just people watch and see how the area has changed can be very uplifting.
  • Organise a surprise! If they are not allergic to animals, then you could do a wee surprise in the morning with a kitten or puppy. Everyone loves baby animals.
  • Ask them. Ask what things they would like to do over the holidays.

Small things can make a huge difference.