1. What's Wrong With You?

Created by Olivia Shivas (Digital Producer for Stuff) and Rebecca Dubber (former NZ Paralympian) this podcast aims to tackle the big questions about life with a disability. Sex, religion, mobility carparks - and how to fend off outrageous questions.

The podcast features interesting and insightful stories, discussing the heart-breaking lows and triumphant highs of the disabled experience.

Listen here:

What's Wrong With You


2. Family, Whanau and Disability

This podcast includes interviews with parents, professionals, and specialists on disability. 

It is a great source of information and provides resources for families caring for people with disabilities in New Zealand. 

Conversations are related to disability and special needs, covering topics around inclusive education, supporting someone with special needs, and the challenges and triumphs of living with a disability.

Listen here:

Family, Whanau and Disability


3. ListenABLE

Challenging what you think it’s like to live with disability.

Hosted by Dylan Alcott and Angus O’Loughlin, you’ll hear conversations from people living with disabilities, where everything’s on the table and up for discussion. You’ll be informed, shed a tear, and enjoy a good chuckle throughout.

“This is a podcast for everyone - disabled or abled, and hopes to break down stigmas, change perceptions, and to challenge what you think it’s like to live with disability.”

Listen here:



4. Disability Done Differently 

Hosts Roland and Evie Naufal have honest and frank conversations, covering topics like:

Equality and the law, the politics of caring and building a healthy mind.

DSC podcast - “the kind of conversations that come about when passionate people aren’t afraid to speak their minds.”

Listen here:

Disability Done Different | Podcast


5. One in Five



In Australia, one in five people live with disability.

This podcast explores some of the complex issues facing people with disability. 

It includes conversations from people with disability, touches on their experiences with employment, housing, the law, supporting families and early intervention. 

It also features a range of experts, researchers and people working in the sector, who discuss what we can do to improve the lives of people with disability.

Listen here:

One In Five Podcast


6. Grow Bold with Disability podcast 


Hosted by Pete Timbs and Tristram Peters, this podcast offers uplifting conversations with people of different abilities, who are living healthy, socially connected, and fulfilling lives.

The Grow Bold with Disability podcast by Feros Care discusses the taboo, the uncomfortable and funny side of living with disability. 

You will hear inspired stories of people overcoming adversity, along with educational and informative episodes about the disability sector.

Listen here:

Grow Bold with Disability Podcast | Feros Care


7. Supported Decision Making Podcast



Advocacy for Inclusion

A podcast designed to build our skills in supporting others in their decision-making. 

Particularly important for those people in the community where decision-making hasn’t been valued.

Helping people to reclaim their decision-making power through the supportive channels.

Listen here:

Supported Decision Making Podcast


8. The Future Is Inclusive podcast



This podcast is a ten-part that explores the experiences of people with disability, their families, and allies, aiming to positively build empathy and understanding amongst people wishing to be allies. 

The series includes episodes on Access, Inclusion, Identity, Arts, Employment, Education, Health Justice, Family and Friends and Purpose.

Listen here:

The Future Is Inclusive podcast - Involved CBR | Involved Canberra: Making Inclusion Happen


9. Adaptdefy


A podcast to inspire - conversation with people who defy what you thought was possible! 

Athletes, adventurers, influencers, and entrepreneurs discuss how they have found ways to adapt and thrive while living with intense physical and psychological challenges. 

Learn about some of the tools and equipment helping them to achieve their goals, find success and freedom.

Listen here:

Take me to Adaptdefy!


10. Breaking Disability



This podcast series, hosted by Disability Sports Australia CEO Murray Elbourn, features well known Para athletes sharing their stories around sport and life with a disability.

The podcast aims to shine a light on their out of sport lives, with topics like employment, social life, relationships, and mentoring.

Listen here:

Breaking Disability


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