In an ever-growing market consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to purchasing products. Any company can make a claim that the products they provide are environmentally friendly or sustainable but how can you be sure? 

At Brolly Sheets we take the standards of our products very seriously. In order to ensure that our products are safe to both the consumer and the environment we have undergone a rigorous independent check through Interteks Green Leaf Program. The Intertek Green Leaf Mark verifies that claims we make about our Brolly Sheets are in fact true.  

The report from Green Leaf states that the chemicals used to make our Brolly Sheets are Eco friendly and are held at a worldwide acceptable standard.

Specifically the report states that the dyes and chemicals used in making our Brolly Sheets, Fitted Sheets and Sleeping Bag Liners are not harmful and meet required regulations. These include chemicals such as Azo Dyes, Phthalates and Formaldehyde. 

We strive to make our products both safe for the consumer and the environment and now with Greenleaf certification you the consumer can be sure that our products are.

You can view our certificate of compliance by clicking here. Alternatively you can search for Brolly Sheets in Green Leafs database of approved company's.