Head and Shoulders photo of Diane against Brick Wall

Diane here.  I want to thank you for choosing to visit my IndependentlyYou website.

As you were trying to reach the page of product that we no longer stock I have asked our web team to redirect to this page. There are many reasons why we stop selling some products. 

These include; The product was not as popular as we had hoped, We found a replacement that was a better product and the manufacturer changed the colour or size options. 

As you browsed our site I hope that you find the content in our blogs on parenting and toilet training useful.

If you have something that you'd like to contribute to our community, I encourage to reach out to us via our social pages or email Michelle (info@brollysheets.com).

I do hope that you continue shopping and if you click here you'll be re-directed to our home page.

Thanks again for choosing IndependentlyYou and Brolly Sheets for your family.