The on-going nature of the relationship between and its customers is based on any orders placed for the products which sells.  Any order that is made is subject to our terms and conditions .  For most of our customer, placing an order and receiving a confirmation of the products order is adequate to enable them to manage their NDIS plan.   However NDIS participants are entitled to a written service agreement. 


A Service Agreement is a separate document that outlines the products being provided and describes the responsibility of the Provider and the participant. can on request provide you with a written and signed service agreement.  You will need to let us know that you require an agreement and which products the agreement is to cover.  We will send you our signed agreement, which you will need to sign and return to us. 


Developing a service agreement is a process with requires collaboration between the Provider and Participant.  You will have the opportunity to comment on the terms included in our agreement.  Or if you have an agreement for that you have used with another provider, you could send us that form for our consideration.


To see a copy of the Service Agreement form, please click here.