Choosing the Right Diapers for Adults

For adults suffering from incontinence it can become a lot more difficult to get out and about, so finding the right disposable diapers is key to giving yourself that boost in confidence to get out in the world. Independently You stocks a range of diapers for youth, adults, and the elderly who are managing incontinence to make their day-to-day lives less stressful. This blog post will break down our disposable adult diapers—look, feel, price, and more—everything you want to know!


They’re Designed to Suit Your Lifestyle

You shouldn’t have to hold yourself back from enjoying the things you love—our disposable adult diapers come in 10 packs or 40 packs so you can always have them on hand, and the high-level of protection means that there’s no uncomfortable leaking. If you happen to have an accident while you’re out and about, just find yourself a bathroom, easily remove by tearing the sides, and throw on a spare. It really is easy as that.

The quick-dry layer will keep things comfortable while you find yourself a bathroom, drawing liquid away from the skin, and the extra leg gusset will help keep things contained. Disposable adult diapers are here to support your lifestyle, not restrict it, the fabulous, super absorbent design will give you that extra bit of confidence.


They’re Comfortable

It’s rare to find comfy diapers for adults, but that’s exactly what Texi has designed. Not only are they designed to be barely noticeable while wearing, but they’ve got elasticated side panels for a snug fit and a comfortable waist panel, ensuring it never feels too tight.

Sensitive skin won’t be an issue either. Texi disposable adult diapers are non-toxic, with no glyphosate or harmful chemicals. This means no more itchy rashes and discomfort; they feel soft and breathable while wearing, and you’ll barely notice them until an accident pops up.


They’re Affordable

A 10-pack of disposable adult diapers come in at less than $2 per nappy and the 40-pack at less than $1.60. Buying in bulk will have you stocked up and keep your bank account happy. Not enough for you? There’s more! We offer a subscription service, which means you’ll never have to worry about being caught without one. Our subscription service includes a discounted price. Yes—it gets even cheaper! Our goal to make things easier on you extends to your bank account too.


They Aim to Be Better for the Planet

We know that disposables aren’t fantastic for the environment, but each disposable adult diaper is made from 30-33% (dependant on size) sustainable wood pulp. We understand that washable or reusable options have their benefits, but they can be impractical for adults with heavy incontinence. Our products are sustainably certified by a range of recognised organisations and we continue to refine our production and find new areas where we can become more sustainable.

By purchasing our disposables, you’re directly giving back to mother nature. For each carton (4-pack) of our disposable adult diapers sold, we’ve committed to planting a tree—and this is just the beginning of our sustainability promise.


Be Confident & Independently You

Become your most confident self and get back to living the life you love. Texi disposable incontinence underwear has been praised for the ease they bring to managing incontinence in public. If you’re interested in trying out a pair for yourself or you want to figure out our sizing, just request a free sample and they’ll be shipped to your door in no time! We also stock a range of other incontinence management products to help make your daily life easier. Browse the full Independently You range today. is a registered NDIS provider.

We are proud to announce, as a registered NDIS Continence Aids Provider, that our incontinence products can accessed through the Consumables budget in your NDIS plan.

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Our range of incontinence products include absorbent underwear, waterproof; bedding, lift chair and regular chair protection, bibs and bandanas.

For more information on the NDIS and whether you or your loved one may be eligible for support please visit the Federal Government’s NDIS Website



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About the author : Glenn Hawes.  Glenn has been the Brolly Sheets sales and service champion for NDIS participants, since Brolly Sheets became a registered provider in May 2017.  Representing the company's website, in addition to taking telephone orders, Glenn also exhibits the brand at various trade shows across Australia.  Glenn can be reached on the telephone at 1800 809 847 or via email