All prices displayed on Independently You and Brolly Sheets websites are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). 

However, there are exemptions and if you qualify, Independently You  may remove the GST portion from the invoice for the goods.  We do this before we claim payment from the Agency or before we send you the invoice. 

Really what this means is that; if you are purchasing our products with your NDIS plan, you can expect your final order value to be 10% less than the published prices on our website.

Under section 38-38 of the GST Act , if the following conditions need to be met, the supply to a participant (that's you) is GST-free:

  • The participant has a plan in effect.
  • The supply is of reasonable and necessary supports that are specified in the statement of supports in the participant's plan.
  • There is a written agreement between Independently You and the participant (or another person).
  • The supplies are of a kind determined in a legislative instrument by the Minister responsible for Disability Services.

Plus details for the GST free supplies to NDIS participants, can also be found on the ATO website

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